A three-week course to help you build community, get to know us at Vibe Church & discover Gods purpose for your life . Our Growth Track runs online – sign up below to get connected.

We believe that when you CONNECT to God & to a local church you become part of a family a living and thriving COMMUNITY. Each of us is created uniquely by God with skills, gifts & talents we believe that you can CONTRIBUTE to building a better future for you, your family & the world.

Over the next three-session, we will look at these three key elements of being planted in Vibe Church, how we can help you flourish in all areas of life & that whatever age or stage of life you are at you can know good living & a living God.

Why Growth Track?
Our heart is that you would find Vibe Church; a place where you want to
belong, where you can grow and become all God has called you to be. We want you to get the
most out of being part of this amazing church family but also to discover how you can take an
active part in helping others in our church community.


Having faith in Jesus, means you are choosing to believe and accept a number of things about who He is, what He said & what this means for you.

As a Christian there a number of key things that we believe and agree on;
this is called a statement of faith.

Your sense of belonging changes when you chose to follow Jesus.


To explore the truth that we are created for relationships and why this plays such an important role in our walk with God.

Understand the vision and mission of Vibe Church. We are the church of Jesus! At Vibe Church we word it & express it uniquely to the people we meet

Our Values that make us distinct, attractive & accessible to the world around us.


Explore how we can begin to walk in the incredible plan and purpose that God has for our lives by giving of who we are and what we have.

Our passion as a church is to show people good living & a living God. By using some tool we will help you live your best life understanding your personality and spiritual gifts.

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