Vibe Church Florence is launching something very new and fresh in Florence, Italy. Building on the fountain of pioneering and founding pastors Randy & Diane McGhee, we are building on their legacy to establish a vibrant spirit filled international church in the City.  We believe that God has called us to bring our unique Vibe to Europe and the the city of Florence  and as you reading this, God might speak to you about joining us on this exciting journey. Whether you are living or working in the city, studying for season or just visiting on vacation we would love to connect with you.

We pray that Florence church  will will capture the hearts and minds of people, with the life changing message of Jesus and create an atmosphere of genuine community and compelling worship experiences. 

We believe that what God is doing in Florence  will be just the beginning of what God wants to do through Europe in the years to come.

Want to connect with Vibe Church in Florence ? — let us know if you are interested in attending a service or group, want to join a team or  just want to be kept in the loop. We believing for people in Florence and Italy will step up and partner in this God movement

Vibe Church Firenze sta lanciando qualcosa di molto nuovo e fresco a Firenze, in Italia. Basandoci sulla fontana dei pastori pionieri e fondatori Randy e Diane McGhee, stiamo costruendo sulla loro eredità per stabilire una chiesa internazionale piena di spirito vibrante nella città. Crediamo che Dio ci abbia chiamato per portare la nostra atmosfera unica in Europa e nella città di Firenze e mentre stai leggendo questo, Dio potrebbe parlarti di unirti a noi in questo entusiasmante viaggio. Che tu stia vivendo o lavorando in città, studiando per la stagione o semplicemente visitando in vacanza, ci piacerebbe entrare in contatto con te.

Preghiamo che la chiesa di Firenze catturi i cuori e le menti delle persone, con il messaggio di Gesù che cambia la vita e crei un’atmosfera di vera comunità e coinvolgenti esperienze di culto.

Crediamo che ciò che Dio sta facendo a Firenze sarà solo l’inizio di ciò che Dio vuole fare attraverso l’Europa negli anni a venire.

Vuoi entrare in contatto con Vibe Church a Firenze? — facci sapere se sei interessato a partecipare a un servizio o a un gruppo, vuoi entrare a far parte di un team o semplicemente vuoi essere tenuto aggiornato. Crediamo che le persone a Firenze e in Italia si faranno avanti e collaboreranno a questo movimento divino

Dinner Parties Are Happening

As we establish community our dinner parties happen each week to share stories, unpack scripture, pray tougher, meet new friends and build community. Our hope is that you would find community, build friendships and grow in your relationship with God as you connect with the Vibe church family in Florence.

RSVP or message +39 327 864 7124


Could you sponsor a seat – believing that in the next 12 month it will be filled with a new christian or church member? 

There are some costs to establishing a new church family in Florence; we are hiring a hotel meeting room and there are tools and resources the team on the ground need to keep moving forward. 

If we could gather 30 people to sponsor 1 seat each, to give £10 each month for the next 12 months and stand with us in prayer that this seat will be filled, it would give us a the opportunity to look for match funding from AoG and other organisations. This would enable us to invest, resource and secure a long term venue and to start weekly services once our key goals are reached.


If you are new to Vibe Church or you have been coming a while, we would love to get to know you. Feel free to fill this form linked above & we’ll be in touch.

Dinner Parties

Each week groups meet to share stories, unpack scripture, pray, meet new friends and build community. Our prayer is that you would find community, build friendships and grow in your relationship with God.


We are preparing to build a launch team of people resident in the city and supported by other vibe church teams let us know if you want to join the launch team.


Can we pray for you? Share with us your request with us.


We are passionate and committed to building community and connection with the people around us. Working with local partners we want to use our groups and space to serve and support those around us.


We believe that real life change and spiritual growth happens through developing your relationship with God and with people.

  • Jesus & Baptism From Fan to Follower
  • Welcome Lunch – First time visitor to family member
  • Growth Track – From Crowd to Community
  • Small Groups – Find your people
  • Dream Team – From Critic to Creators
  • Leadership LAB – Cultivating the Leader In You

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